Not Sure.

I’m not sure how to start this blog.  Not sure what to write, when to write, where to spend my time writing, who to write about, why I even bother, or how I’m going to make myself begin and finish from one post to next.

I’m not sure. But here goes.

Today was the final day of my first full week at my new job. I was thrilled, for a few reasons. One being, I’m very happy with my new job. I chose it and they chose me. I was careful who I submitted my resume to. If it wasn’t a healthy, steadily growing company…fugedaboudit. 
     Two, the week went rather well. There are more people than I’m use to working with, which means more people that I get to know. That’s good because it gives me a chance to work on people skills. It’s an ongoing training. I already screwed up by turning down a very kind gesture and now I’m trying to figure out how to apologize. (The Benefits Director attended a funeral I missed and brought me memorial cards from it. I told her my son probably had some. What an asshole, right? Me, I mean).
     With that said, three: I feel free to step away from negativity.  I felt trapped by it before. Imprisoned.  Unfortunately it’s all over social media. But I make the choice to not indulge as much through the week. I feel like I miss out on a lot. But then realize how much more I’m doing now.
     Every bit matters.  If you knew where I’d been these past few years…the baby steps matter.  I guess I’ll touch base more on the next round.
     Not sure when or how to end this. But here goes.


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