My youngest daughter wanted me to start a blog. I realized that I had started this one back in 2014 and didn’t follow through with it. It was supposed to be my personal logs for my “spiritual journey home”. Back to church, my relationship with God, and with other people. I don’t write for attention or because I like to talk about myself. I carry a lot of shame. At the same time, I feel much of my shame somehow evolves into wisdom and insight. This often moves me to write. It’s difficult to think that anything that I have to share would be of any help or value to someone else. But, I hope and pray that I can be honest forward, and direct while trying to be sympathetic, empathize, and be tactful. That’s a challenge. I love people and they piss me off and disappoint me all in a moment that I just want them to be happy. (See. I try. It’s the best one can do when only human).

I love music, movies, SNL, comedians, art, and nature.  I like craft beer.  I LOVE outdoor concerts and different forms of live entertainment.   I believe in supporting local. It’s important to economic and social growth.  I also believe in family infrastructure and it’s importance to a striving and improved society.  I believe in seeking a relationship with the Almighty, but I do not believe in “religion”.  I believe in change.  Without it, where would hope exist?  I believe in going to church, not because we have to, but because we need to.  It is the only time in a week we can surround ourselves with openly admitted sinners trying just as hard to find their way in life and stumbling every other step too.  I believe forgiveness, love, and laughter is essential food for the soul.  A good beer with good people is pretty filling also. Smile, love, laugh, and sing.  Life can be dark, make way to the sunshine of living…it’s all good.


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